Artistic Introductions

Scrolling through the overwhelming variety of LFA events this June I noticed myself narrowing down my favourites in relation to art. If that’s your jam too here is what I’ll be up to this month:

Having recently moved to the big smoke I'm seizing the opportunity to get outside and see the city on foot. My first walking tour is Art on the River which I'm betting will have some hidden gems and knowledge to get me on parr with even the most seasoned Londoner.

Next up for me is A Perfect Day - Architecture Therapy which caught my eye as a little bit mysterious; a 25 minute one to one of simple questions, and at the end of the session I’ll have a framed ‘Perfect Day’ as a souvenir. By the end of June I may well know myself, as well as the City, a little bit better!


I’m hoping to take away some skills as another type of souvenir at Open City’s ever popular photography walking tours, which combine a photography lesson and walking tour. I’m looking forward to sharing the fruits of my labour on this blog afterwards! I’ve chosen the Shoreditch area on the 25th June. 


The House is set to be a sensory whirlwind of dance, digital projection, music, narration and pyrotechnics. I can’t wait to see such a sense of theatre brought to LFA, inspired by Britain's first classical building and its architect Inigo Jones.

Sadie GeenComment