Art on the River

This weekend held my first LFA event, Art on the River with art guide Alex. This Southbank tour was a fantastic introduction to public art and architecture. Alex is full of interesting anecdotes about the pieces; If you had your eye on this event and are new to the subject this is a great introduction to the art around us. 


The examination of public art was fully in tune with the community theme of the festival. Alex fully appreciated this and she gives the tour in an accessible way, allowing time in the busy area to stop and consider the environment, inviting discussion and debate too. I doubt anyone will be surprised to hear that as we crossed the river the ever present subject of the garden bridge brought plenty of debate early on! 

I’ll let the photos do the talking now, as you can see there was a real variety to be seen, the 'Revolving Torsion' fountain in St Thomas’ Hospital garden and ‘South of the River’ at Becket House were my favourites.


My next stop is 'Architectural Therapy' with Studio McLeod on Friday, pop back over for my blog next week!

Sadie GeenComment