The call for entries for the London Festival of Architecture 2017 is now open. We’re inviting architects and anyone with an interest in London’s built environment to help us explore ‘memory’ when LFA comes to the capital on 1-30 June 2017.

London is a city of myriad layers, each infused with memory: of people, buildings, places and experiences. London’s built environment, with memories bound up within it, is fundamental to how people experience the city, and the starting point from which architects, developers and communities can address change. 

London’s built memories are never far from its present – living on in old place names, the City of London’s medieval street pattern, or London’s rich architectural heritage. Memory is fundamental to a sense of place: something that communities cherish in the face of change, and a tool for architects and developers as they achieve change and place further layers of activity and memory on top of all the others. 

We want event organisers to interpret ‘memory’ in their own way, bringing their own ideas to events that will be engaging, challenging, and thought-provoking. Events can be fun or serious - and together we’re confident that LFA 2017 will be the best yet. Application process will close on March 10th.