Baghdadi Visions

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in London is organising a public exhibition titled Baghdadi Visions. The exhibition is being held in cooperation with Turath Baghdad and the Al-Kindi Society of Iraqi Engineers in UK.

The Exhibition presents the “ihea’a” initiative, which is aimed at reviving the historic city centre of Baghdad. The exhibits will take you on a historic journey of the city of Baghdad since its inception in 762AD, outlining the original design of the round city and surrounding sites of historic and architectural significance; this is then contrasted with the city’s present-day situation, where it is suffering from deterioration after decades of conflict.

The exhibits then provide a futuristic vision of how to revive the historic city centre by revitalising its unique heritage and vivid memory, particularly at this time when the city begins to rebuild. The exhibition combines ideas of conservation and re-use of surviving historic landmarks with adapted urban renewal of dilapidated urban structures. Rather than isolating and fossilising single monuments, the “iheaa” initiative integrates them into a vibrant contemporary context that provides a link with significant age old urban traditions. Re-establishing the continuity of the old suqs, rehabilitating ruined plots, protecting the architectural homogeneity of historic streets, reclaiming the environmental and convivial qualities of the old river-front and restoring and re-using important historic houses.

This exhibition presents an Iraqi dream and a Baghdadi ambition to get the city back on its feet after decades of neglect that led to the destruction of some of the city’s most precious monuments and heritage icons. The ideas presented are based on the award-winning book “Baghdad-21 Historic City”, by Iraqi architect and town planner, Taghlib AlWaily, who will be available at the exhibition to discuss the “iheaa” initiative and Baghdad revival plans . The exhibition will be open from 25 to 29 June 2018.