Chessboard to Totem Pole – Identity and art of craft

"While identity is usually something that builds in a place over time – sometimes it can be ‘invented': is this just cynical marketing by developers or a pragmatic response to the rapid pace of change in London? It's a terrific theme that can be interpreted so many different ways – and that's exactly what we're looking for!"

The art and design that you will see all identify with a building, and/or the history of place, within the City of London. Not always immediately obvious, it will soon come clear the connection of the work to the site and how it has an identity all of its own as well as part of the City's story as a whole.

Some of the pieces viewed on this walk are not in plain sight, so a great way to explore some of the treasures you might never otherwise see.

We explore how the works were created, by the tools used, such as, power tools, or an ancient kiln, as well as the use of ancient crafts and emblems to create modern epitaphs.


June 7, 2018

10:30 - 12:30

Admission: £12

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Image: Tina Baxter


Blackfriars Station

Blackfriars Station Queen Victoria Street EC4V 4DY London United Kingdom EC4V 4DY


Main station entrance North Side