City Identity: Commerce Walking Tour

Throughout history commerce has played a huge part in forming the City of London’s identity. From the arrival of the coffee house in the 17th Century where some of the world’s greatest financial institutions like Lloyd’s of London were born, up until now where over 500 banks have made their home in the City.

Our walk will explore the heart of the Square Mile around Bank Junction. We will take in the significant buildings that were vital in establishing London as one of the financial capitals of the world including the Guildhall, the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange. We will also explore the homes of new banks in The City, livery halls and traditional coffee houses.


June 16, 2018

14:00 - 15:30

Admission: £18

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Image: William Warby 2018


The City Centre

80 Basinghall Street City of London EC2V 5AG