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Creative responses to Zombie High Streets - an open Discussion Panel
Redundancy: We are increasingly engaged in the task of repurposing unloved buildings from 20th century. Some of these were built for retail, some for entertainment, some were public buildings – all are being abandoned as society moves on.
Through a combination of research and project work we are developing a number of solutions for the creative reuse of buildings such as affordable residential, creative workspace, community cinemas, food, theatres, healthcare.

Raw is Beautiful: Alongside this, the collective aesthetic trends towards the post-industrial raw, the unembellished, the repair, the patina of use, the spontaneous, all of which is informing the spaces we create. Space is not seen as something that needs to be designed but rather a host for events and experiences which come and go, changing the meaning of spaces as they do so, like set designs, exhibition rooms

Technology: Meanwhile the relentless march of technology changes the way we live, work, shop, play, move, communicate and relate to each other and our environment.

An open invitation attend a 60 minute discussion panel at our studio in Kentish Town with some of our clients and collaborators
Sam Neophytou - Art House Cinemas
Walter Menteth – Architect
Carmel Keren – PhD researcher at the RCA
Alex O’Kane – Retail Designer
Jeremy Thornton – Manager of Architecture at John Lewis Partnership
Gary Lewis – Managing Director - Moorgarth Ltd
Jessie Lea - currently Senior Programme Manager – Catford Town Centre Regeneration. Head of Strategic Property Services at London Borough of Enfield (August 2018)
Preston Benson - Really Local Group

The Studio will be open from 14.00 for any interested and the panel will start at 16.00. Drinks and snacks


June 29, 2018

16:00 - 18:00

Admission: FREE

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