Draw-A-Thon with Studio Green

In partnership with WeAreWaterloo, Collective Works have collaborated with Ongéan Environmental Design Lab to create an inclusive temporary space. All of the events that are programmed in Granby Place throughout LFA, including this one, are aimed to enable communities to become more visible to each other and themselves.

As a wrap-around to the sustainability talk at 14.30 artists members from Studio Green will join together with hundreds of pens, crayons and sheets of paper. Drawing and sketching will take place all day from noon until 14.30, when there will be a talk on sustainability, then drawing and sketching will recommence at 15.30 until the end of the day.

Everyone is invited. Bring a picnic for a communal lunch with the artists and other attendees.


June 30, 2018

12.00 - 19.00


Tickets/Booking: rb@collectiveworks.net

Image: Collective Works


Connections Community Pavilion - Granby Place

Granby Place Lower Marsh London SE1 7AE