ENGAGE: Intangible Practices, Relationships and Means of Engagement in Architecture

One day conference curated by the Museum of Architecture and Melodie Leung, Zaha Hadid Architects. Supported by Finsa.

This conference will consider the means of engagement with which architects navigate personal and professional relationships within the industry, and with which they engage the process of shaping the built environment to maintain relevance in a continually changing society. By harnessing these means of engagement, we evolve and substantiate an understanding of our individual and collective identities as they challenge us to consciously enact and affect change.

As an industry, how can we better understand and provide for the people we are designing for? As a community, how can we encourage an inclusive and caring approach towards our built environment? As professionals, what is the value in having Empathy and Ego within a collaborative design process?

The built environment is based upon compliance and cooperation within a set of codes in relation to safety, social convention and policy. Without challenging these norms, without questioning a hardened set of assumptions and standards, we lose the ability to adapt, react, learn and innovate. How do we ensure our role in upholding principles and encouraging originality today and in the future?

Increasingly diverse ways of thinking continue to evolve, inform and shape the cultural and societal landscape, requiring an equally responsive industry to accommodate and empower a wide spectrum of distinct and individual ways of life and perspectives. As an industry, are we empowering ourselves for change or resisting it? As a community, how can we strengthen singular voices and not lose site of the full spectrum?


June 8, 2018

11:30 - 18:30

Admission: FREE

More Info: www.museumofarchitecture.org

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Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Mall, St. James's SW1Y 5AH