Giant Dolls’ House Installation in the Department Store Brixton

Come and visit The Giant Dolls’ House installation, a collaborative arts project. Local schools, community groups and students in the Brixton area, Squire and Partners: local architects, as well as participants to the workshop on the opening Saturday all create a dolls’ house-room in an empty shoebox, any way they want to (there are no rules). These are assembled onto a black canvas and linked with ropes, ramps and ladders to create a community of the ideas hopes and dreams of its makers: a Giant Dolls’ House. The installation highlights the importance of a home and community for all.
Identity, the LFA2018’s theme is an important aspect of the project. Each individual shoebox house represents the identity of its maker. Connected with ramps, ladders and ropes the patchwork of spaces forms a new, collective identity. As the makers and visitors to Brixton made the houses, the final installation can be seen as a reflection of the identity of their local area.
For this installation we collaborate with our hosts, Squire and Partners Architects and will raise money and awareness for the Housing and Homelessness Charity Shelter.
On Saturday June 16th we will hold a drop-in workshop for children and adults of all ages. Home stories will be the title of a lecture evening on Tuesday June 19th.


June 16, 2018 - June 24, 2018

11:00 - 17:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Peanut Factory, Edenton, North Carolina. Photograph: Kip Shaw


The Department Store

248 Ferndale Road, London, United Kingdom SW9 8FR

The venue is downstairs if you enter the department store and offices of Squire and Partners.