Home from home: the changing identity of a corner of Covent Garden

*** With much regret we are further delaying the start of our exhibition to Monday 25 June as we continue to battle with essential repairs to the failing infrastructure of the building in order to make it safe for public access. ***

*** Owing to a failure in both water and power supply to the buildings, we are currently delaying the opening of the exhibition to the weekend (16-17 June). For updates, please check www.camberwell-metropolitan.com/exhibitions/lfa2018 and twitter. ***

The transient identity of Covent Garden, defined and refashioned by the fortunes of trade and spread of fire, provides the leitmotiv for 64-65 Long Acre: a long vacant space which has struggled to decide its purpose.

Varnish and colour makers, pawnbrokers, harness-makers, stationers, printers, fire engine makers: all set up shop in what was once the backyard of palaces, adapting and rebuilding the two Georgian townhouses in different architectural styles and plan form for their different trading needs, until a schoolmaster fused them together into a labyrinth and, ironically, lost his business.

As the identity of Covent Garden now sheds its Hogarthian coarseness and shifts back to its original residential gentility, it could only be prophetic that squatters should choose to make the dead commercial space of this site their temporary home. Could there be a more fitting way to begin regeneration than with omelettes, drugs and prostitution?

This is an exhibition in letters, drawings and installation ‘art’: vignettes of layered identities which a team of young Greek architects is stripping back in order to turn a home back into what it was always meant to be.

Please check the Camberwell & Metropolitan website and twitter feed for opening times of our evolving exhibition.


June 11, 2018 - June 30, 2018

13:00 - 19:00

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Booking: http://www.camberwell-metropolitan.com/exhibitions/lfa2018

Image: Jason Leech


64-65 Long Acre

64-65 Long Acre London WC2E 9SX

07876 800 857

Entry at 64 (next to Ryman)