Home of a Collector: An Exhibition of Dieter Rams’ designs for Braun and Vitsoe

Home of a Collector
An exhibition of Dieter Rams’ designs for Braun and Vitsœ in the home of writer and collector, Peter Kapos. The exhibition consists of living, dining and kitchen areas fitted with Rams’ 1960s designs, and includes rare examples of seating, tables, storage and audio systems, as well as a unique kitchen constructed from elements of Rams’ first design for Vitsœ.

Rather than presenting a string of individual ‘iconic’ designs, the emphasis of the exhibition is upon relations between designs, both modular and aesthetic, in the creation of a total environment. Accordingly, designs have been selected that straddle the boundaries conventionally dividing audio, seating and storage product categories. Of particular interest are solutions that integrate audio and storage elements, fusing them with the fabric of the building.

The exhibition is situated within Highgate Newtown Stage 1, a modernist housing development skirting Highgate Cemetery, designed by Peter Tábori for Camden Council and completed in 1978. The building is formed as a dramatic series of balconied terraces divided by cast concrete fins. Living areas are open plan, partitioned with story-height sliding doors. Highgate Newtown Stage 1 belongs to a set of five important high density low-rise schemes built by Camden in the 1970s.

The exhibition is produced by Systems Studio and kindly supported by Vitsœ and Braun.


June 23, 2018 - June 24, 2018

11:00 - 16:30

Admission: FREE

More Info: dasprogramm.co.uk/news

Image: Das Programm


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