Identity and the Identifiable: A debate

This debate will bring together academics from different disciplines and design practitioners to put forward contrasting views on how identity and the identifiable come together both as ideas and in practice.

Speakers are: Kay Hughes, Director at Khaa; Dr Steph Lawler, University of York; Dr Stephanie Taylor, Open University; Robbie Kerr, Director at ADAM Architecture.

Everyone cares about their identity, it’s who they are and where they belong. To be without an identity is to be nobody. If you don’t belong to a place you’re homeless and rootless. Identity may be personal but it is how a person knows where they are in a group or a place. To have an identity is to be identifiable but you never need to be identifiable to yourself, you are identifiable to others. Your identity may be unique but, whether you like it or not, it will mark out your membership of a group.

And so it is with places. The identity of place should be unique but, to have any meaning beyond just being there, that identity should be shared. To have any meaning places must share something with other places. Shared places are one of the things that create community.

There is a tension between community and uniqueness, identity and the identifiable. This is important for the design of places and buildings in places. Is uniqueness the key to identity or should the identifiable share its identity?

Following short presentations there will be an open debate. Refreshments will be served during a short break.
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June 6, 2018

1800 - 2100

Admission: FREE

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