Negroni Talks – The restaurant at the end of society

The Negroni Talks – hosted by architects Fourthspace and sponsored by Campari – is a series of provocative debates that will take place in the Venetian restaurant Ombra. Food, drink and arguments go hand in hand, and the talks will respond to the theme of this year’s Venice Biennale and provide a ‘freespace’ for a lively discussion around architecture and the role it plays in shifting the identity of places, spaces and groups. Covering a wide range of topics, the Negroni talks will tackle some of key issues facing the profession today, including gentrification, food, rebellion and Brexit.

The series will launch during Negroni Week - - and every guest will receive a free cocktail at the start of each talk to help fuel the debate. #NegroniTalks

Cities are built on their stomachs, with food and architecture intrinsically linked. We design pubs, restaurants and cafes as spaces to eat in but also as social gathering spaces to meet, debate and share culture. As technology increases our access to food delivered to the front door, eateries all over the UK are shutting down. What happens to our communities when local dining disappears? What role can design play to bring people together to break bread?

Speakers include:

Roger Zogolovitch, Solidspace
Mike Belben, The Eagle
Jenni Carbins, MARK London
Rosie Haslem, Spacelab
Steve Sinclair, Fourthspace
Cristina Monteiro, DK-CM
Carolina Caicedo, The Decorators


June 4, 2018

18:30 - 21:00

Admission: FREE




One Vyner Street E2 9DG