Places for Girls: how to make our cities more inclusive

How do girls experience the urban environment? Not the same way boys do.

White Arkitekter invites you to experience the city from a girl’s perspective through a piece of street theatre. Following two teenage girls as they navigate the streets of Hoxton, you will get an insight into how the urban environment both constricts and sets them free.

The absence of girls in the urban planning process creates a knowledge gap, resulting in public spaces that exclude. To create cities that are inclusive and socially sustainable, this fundamental issue must change.

Places for Girls is a research project White Arkitekter undertook to find out how to create better places for girls in the city. Designed as an art project, a multi-disciplinary team – including girls from a Stockholm youth council – collaborated to answer questions around identity and equity. The project used a piece of theater to communicate the results.

Originally set in the streets of Stockholm, White Arkitekter and theatre company UngaTur are now bringing an abridged version of the piece to the LFA. Headphones will be provided for each participant. Bring an umbrella!

Following the showcase, White Arkitekter plus special guests facilitate a session on identity and urban equity at Shoreditch Town Hall.


June 27, 2018 - June 28, 2018

18:30 - 20:30

Admission: £6.00 (all proceeds go to charity)

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Image: Jonas Jörneberg


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