The Building Site: You Pay, I Pay, We Pay, This Is Payment //LFA

Explore the tiny Lithuanian forest installed in the square just in front of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, together with an outstanding performance of Milda Lembertaite and Amelia Prazak.

Milda Lembertaitė and Amelia Prazak, born in Lithuania and Switzerland respectively are a duo based in London. Their practice draws upon repeated themes concerning the interfacing between the body and technology. Where everyday objects of contemporary technology become subject to a playful shape-shifting; the flat screen at once mirror; a plane upon which to inscribe one's innermost desires, an extension of the self and a doppelganger for a piece of ancient black reflective rock.

This work sketches out the entwinements between our bodies and the shifting nature of the natural and urban landscape beneath our feet: the ever-undulating body of gentrification into which we find ourselves at sea; or dropping, like a stone pulled via gravity to the earth. However, unlike the stone, if we fall, we get a bruise.


June 30, 2018

19:00 - 20:00

Admission: FREE

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The Building Site

Carter Lane Gardens, London EC4M 8BX


Plywood hoarding urban installation in the centre of Carter Lane Gardens