Urban Gardening Talk & Workshop

In partnership with WeAreWaterloo, Collective Works collaborated with Ongéan Environmental Design to create an inclusive temporary space. All of the events that are programmed in Granby Place throughout LFA, including this one, are aimed to enable communities to become more visible to each other and themselves.

Urban Gardening Talk & Workshop:
Life-long social housing estate dwelling community gardener, orchardist and rambler, Carole Wright, will be giving a talk on how to embrace nature in an urban environment. All ages are encouraged to join, along with any seeds or cuttings you would like to swap. Carole will be sharing her insights on a range of topics from bee keeping to permaculture make-overs as well as local secrets about the best urban tree canopies in estates, parks and free orchards in the local area.


June 26, 2018

13:00 - 15.00

Admission: FREE

Tickets/Booking: rb@collectiveworks.net

Image: Carole Wright / Nectarine Blossom on Peabody Blackfriars


Connections Community Pavlion - Granby Place

Granby Place Southbank SE1 7AE


Access just off Lower Marsh Market next to The Camel & Artichoke Pub