Breaking Boundaries and Fostering Collaboration



  • Andy Downey, one of the directors at Elliott Wood, explores what it means to break boundaries and foster collaboration in the new Elliott Wood powered space – “The Building Society”.


The rate of change affecting the environment and society today is huge. System change is urgent if we want future generations to thrive. And for new and different ways of thinking to truly flourish, we need to break all unnecessary boundaries and foster collaboration between professions, especially in the built environment. Earlier this year, in the first video of our Engineering a Better Society series, we spoke to Peter Murray, Chairman of New London Architecture, about the exciting changing relationship between architects and engineers:

“When I started out as an architect, it was generally thought that the architect did the drawings and then the engineer worked out how big it ought to be. But that changed! The engineer is brought in right at the beginning of the problem solving and I think that’s really important. Bringing together all these people to deliver benefits to society right across the board.”

By asking the urgent questions and bringing teams together to explore solutions, we can craft better buildings and help inform policies to shape a better, more inclusive and sustainable world. We know we can’t solve problems in silos, no one has all the answers on their own.


Inspired by the scale of change to come, we have founded The Building Society – a co-working space for thinkers, designers and makers in the built environment. Supported by a member network and programme of talks, events and learning opportunities we can enable future thought and encourage radical, effective collaboration across disciplines and organisations. We want to facilitate creative and technical sharing and elevate industry knowledge – as well as creating a network where new ideas find their collaborators, and inspiring projects can be realised.

We are committed to opening up our industry for better collaboration, for a better society. Join us!


Newly refurbished by Derwent London and located in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia, The Building Society, powered by Elliott Wood, provides 12,000 sq. ft of flexible co-working space. To discuss membership options, please contact


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