Expansive Programming: LFA in Aesthetica Magazine


Aesthetica Magazine is the destination for art and culture, and we’re delighted to have them on board as media partners for LFA Digital 2020. 


For their new June/July issue, Aesthetica are exploring realignment and hope, considering how to connect and create in lockdown and featuring a fantastic piece about the digital edition of the Festival, including some powerful insights from our director Tamsie Thomson.


“The lockdown has definitely affected the dynamics of where and how we live. As we spend more time at home, the priorities for many people’s living situations are being forced to change, from the value being placed on outside locations – such as gardens and balconies – to the importance of ‘genuine living spaces’ and natural lighting inside. This raises important questions about how we can live in healthier ways: both mentally and physically. The issue of energy, and how we are powering our buildings with increased indoor activity is definitely also part of this important conversation.”


London Festival of Architecture returns, directed by Tamsie Thomson (as quoted above). The programme comes in digital format, from 1 to 30 June, asking pertinent questions about the worlds of domestic, industrial and commercial design. The theme for 2020 is Power, encouraging wider dialogues about the radically changing landscape. Thomson expands: “There is a lot of scope to explore political power and how this has shaped our architectural landscape, not just in terms of a physical built environment, but also on a social level. There’s a balance of power in terms of stakeholders and the growing collective of people taking back public space.”


Read more about the 2020 edition of London Festival of Architecture in the June / July issue of Aesthetica Magazine.


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