Fluid Boundaries


Clare Richards is the founder and director of the Footwork Trust, a non-profit organisation, working to help create thriving communities and ensure clear social principles underpin development within the built environment.

As we celebrate #LFAat20, Clare Richards reflects on how the Festival has evolved over the years to engage with broader communities in London, with support from Footwork.

“As both a sponsor and contributor of events to the Festival, from 2016 to 2022, LFA has played an important role in how Footwork’s ideas have evolved, while we have played our own part in helping the Festival to expand its range to include a greater community focus.

That broader range of interest to include the social context of London’s built environment, not only brought new audiences to LFA, it also opened the eyes of those who work in the sector – from professionals to commercial organisations.

Perhaps the highlight for me was a collaboration between a renowned choreographer, local schools and older people - Fluid Boundaries in 2019 - to bring dance performances into exciting spaces in the heart of the City.”

The Fluid Boundaries event at LFA 2019 was organised by Footwork in partnership with Shobana Jeyasingh Dance.

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