Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation No. 6


  • In an exciting collaboration with the Design Museum, ‘Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation’  highlights the work by 10 emerging voices in architecture, who have each been nominated by established names in the profession, for their impact on shaping a new future for London. Responding to the defining challenges facing young people in London today, this new generation of architecture voices pushing the boundaries of what architecture can be, who London is for and what its future holds.
  • In a series of visionary manifestos, the chosen 10 share alternative visions for the capital’s urban landscape, prioritising collaboration, dialogue, learning and action in response to the real material and social conditions of a city in flux. Check back every Wednesday and Saturday for more.


Pricegore (nominated by Tamsie Thomson)

Facades are the making of the city. They are the threshold between interior and exterior and often between public and private. They are fundamental to the identity of the institution, the business, the family, and the city itself. But in current times facades are neglected -constrained by simplistic planning policy, diminished by design & build, overlooked by critics, and subsequently illegible and irrelevant to the public.We propose a rejuvenation of the facade. We make no claim for any historic style, or any particular material -we appreciate the richness and variety that London has developed over the centuries, but want facades that are relevant for today. We believe better facades do not need more money -they just need more purposeful and skilful intent. We would like to see contemporary facades that communicate, and enhance the city for all. We propose that facades can be radical, not in terms of technology, but in terms of redefining civic beauty and meaning.

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