Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation No. 7


  • In an exciting collaboration with the Design Museum, ‘Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation’  highlights the work by 10 emerging voices in architecture, who have each been nominated by  established names in the profession, for their impact on shaping a new future for London. Responding to the defining challenges facing young people in London today, this new generation of architecture voices pushing the boundaries of what architecture can be, who London is for and what its future holds.
  • In a series of visionary manifestos, the chosen 10 share alternative visions for the capital’s urban landscape, prioritising collaboration, dialogue, learning and action in response to the real material and social conditions of a city in flux. Check back every Wednesday and Saturday for more.


RESOLVE Collective (nominated by David Ogunmuyiwa)

Architecture’s capacity to change London’s extreme inequity is often articulated in the same language as its complicity; where productivity, labour, and disciplinary vogue existing synonymously with creativity, passion, and thoughtful design. Our manifesto builds on a re-thinking of architecture as an unbridled means to produce novelty in our city and looks instead toward a practice that reveals, questions, and deconstructs existing forms, spaces, and ideas. To build by deconstructionnecessitates an interdisciplinary approach that investigates common spatial motifs at a human scale, such as shelter, movement, division, in order to equip us with the appropriate tools to address citywide and global demands for alternative value systems, degrowth and decolonialisation. It asks: what if walls did not separate us, but instead brought us together? How distinct are our built environments – houses, neighbourhoods, and cities –  from our emotional ones? Can we use design not to change spaces, but systems, perspectives, and narratives?

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