For our Views Section, LFA Patron Ft’work presents a series of three, hard-hitting short films, produced in collaboration with Sarah Wigglesworth Architects and community-based organisations. These videos each explore this year’s LFA theme of boundaries.  Each film explores boundaries from the point of view of a particular social group, whose experience reveals where social and physical boundaries collide.

In this second film, the single, unedited ’take’ follows a postcode boundary that runs past the Rockingham Estate to Elephant and Castle. Innocuous to you and me, it represents a constant threat to many local young people. In an emotive and sometimes chilling conversation, three 15 yr-old boys with personal experience of gang violence and the ongoing Street War between Kennington and Peckham discuss: its causes and effects, the fear it instils, the impact on their mental health, the restriction it has on their personal freedom, their relationship with the police

This film was produced in collaboration with Oasis Waterloo.

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