Smeg on product design and LFA Bake Off 2021


John Davies is Head of Marketing at Smeg UK. In this article he provides his views on Smeg product design and what it was like to sponsor the LFA Bake Off 2021.

Smeg UK is delighted to partner with the New London Architecture for the first time in 2021 and is excited to be involved in several initiatives. First up is the London Festival of Architecture. Smeg is proud to support the LFA Architecture Bake Off 2021 for a number of key reasons.


As family run company passionate about all aspects of product design and architecture, Smeg itself takes inspiration from its surroundings with the attempt to create something new, to innovate, and of course to put a smile on people’s faces. It’s as much about the ergonomics and ease of use to how a product makes you feel and design is at the heart of this.


The kitchen, the centre of families’ lives, particularly prevalent during lockdown has been the beating cornerstone of the home – a place to work, play, learn, get creative – much of what Smeg stands for.


The company’s appliances are also inspired by architecture, and great architects and designers have designed ranges for Smeg, including Renzo Piano, Guido Canali, Marc Newson, and of course fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana. Ultimately there’s two worlds at Smeg, the colour and curves of the brand’s 50’s collections, and the subtle, minimalist industrial design rigour of its contemporary ranges.


Either way, Smeg is passionate about engaging people at all stages of design, which is why, when we heard about the opportunity to get involved with LFA Architecture Bake Off, we jumped at the chance! What better opportunity to encourage the baking of some of London’s most iconic buildings and landmarks, some nestled in close proximity to Smeg’s flagship store and cooking amphitheatre, the venue for this year’s awards reveal.


What a fantastic project, getting creative in the kitchen and communicating through baking. Smeg as a company is rooted in and inspired by food and is proud to showcase this year’s creations and of course a Smeg mixer to help creations of the future for 2021’s winner!

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