Welcome to Building Sounds, the London Festival of Architecture’s free monthly podcast.

Building Sounds is for everyone with an interest in London’s built environment. Each episode features conversations with individuals from across London’s built environment, who reveal the fascinating stories of our city’s buildings and projects, as well as the in-between spaces often forgotten about. These conversations aim to entertain and educate our audience about the public realm in a more accessible and inclusive way, allowing us all to better know and understand our city.


Building Sounds features different types of conversations, including:
Designers Talk… The stories behind the designs, with LFA competitions winners

From Sketch to Structure… Explorations of key buildings and projects in our city

LFA Special… Bespoke projects in collaboration with LFA partners

Building Sounds Podcast
Building Sounds Podcast
Building Sounds Podcast
Building Sounds Podcast
Building Sounds Podcast

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Our latest episode: 

Here East, w/David Bickle (Hawkins Brown) and Gavin Poole (Here East)

In this episode we explore the birth of Here East, the process of transforming an Olympic and Press Centre into an innovation and technology campus, the ten year anniversary of the Olympic games and what the next ten years hold for the campus. Here East is situated in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

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Architecture Masters

A celebration of the architects and architecture of our great city. In the podcast we talk to the people behind the buildings.

These are the people quietly shaping our cities. You might have seen the stunning buildings they create, but what drives the creative genius behind these designers as they balance the difficult and often conflicting demands of running a profitable business with their passion for delivering beautiful, functional and uplifting spaces.

We take architecture as our starting point and let the conversation flow freely from there. This is a programme for those that are interested in the people who are shaping our world.

Architecture Masters

Canary Wharf Guide

Part podcast, part walking tour and part museum audio guide, this guide to the architecture of Canary Wharf was produced as part of LFA 2019.

The concept is simple, enjoy a stroll around Canary Wharf whilst hearing the architects tell you about their work.

Canary Wharf Guide – LFA 2019