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Fitzrovia is a small pocket in central London known for its creativity. Over the centuries, it has attracted artists, poets, architects, comics, writers, musicians, inventors and activists who have all left their mark. Characters such as John Nash, John Constable, Augustus John, Alexander Pope, Karl Marx, Dylan Thomas, Virginia Wolfe and Nina Hammett have all called Fitzrovia home.

The bohemian vibe with a village feel and community spirit make it a unique place in central London. It is where global companies sit next to start-ups, flagship stores sit next to independent retail and hospitality venues, and Michelin-starred restaurants sit next to cafes.

Fitzrovia is often thought of as the spiritual home of architecture, flanked by RIBA and The Architectural Association. Global giants such as Arup, MAKE and Derwent, whose presence has graced the area for several decades, work alongside smaller, newer practices in an inclusive and collaborative style.

This year’s Festival theme of ‘Reimagine’ is particularly relevant to Fitzrovia, where imagination meets creativity. The drive for greater sustainability has led to reimagining spaces and places which meet our changing needs and the planet’s changing requirements.

Fitzrovia will be an exciting new Destination for LFA2024 which draws on its wealth of architectural and design talent to reimagine built projects and spaces for a new future.


Supported by The Fitzrovia Partnership.

“We’re excited that Fitzrovia will be a new Destination in the 2024 London Festival of Architecture. ‘Reimagine’ couldn’t be more applicable for our area as we rethink how our outdoor spaces and public realm can be adapted to be more sustainable economically, socially and environmentally. The creative process of making positive interventions to re-imagine challenging spaces which can then change perceptions and behaviour is exciting and progressive. It benefits residents, workers and visitors and contributes to a more sustainable future. Given that Fitzrovia has been the historical home of architecture for many years, it’s a privilege to be part of the 20 year celebrations for LFA2024.”

Lee Lyons, COO, The Fitzrovia Partnership

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