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West End

The Heart of London area, nestled at the core of the West End is a testament to the architectural brilliance and cultural diversity that makes London one of the greatest cities in the world. The destination spans the world-famous entertainment epicentre Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, the quintessentially British Piccadilly and St James’s – home to world leading hotels and restaurants, and St Martin’s, one of London’s oldest parishes and home of renowned theatres.

With iconic institutions including the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts and the Coliseum through to the Lucent W1 (Piccadilly Lights), The Londoner Hotel and Leicester Square Theatre, the architecture within the area encapsulates a blend of historic landmarks and modern buildings that blend together seamlessly. Many landmark buildings in the Heart of London are being transformed to ensure they’re fit for purpose in the 21st century, while also preserving the historic architecture which makes them so special.

The theme for this year’s LFA, ‘Reimagine’ encapsulates Heart of London’s mission to foster innovation while preserving heritage. It gives the West End an opportunity to become a canvas for redefining what it means to live, work, and be inspired in a world-class destination as we work to reimagine the area for future generations.

West End

Supported by Heart of London Business Alliance.

“We are thrilled to partner with the London Festival of Architecture as a Key Destination for 2024. The West End, under Heart of London’s stewardship, has consistently aimed at being an immersive experience where architecture tells the story of our rich history and dynamic future. The West End is a living canvas where historic landmarks seamlessly coexist with contemporary institutions. The 2024 theme, ‘Reimagine’ allows us to explore new possibilities, envision the West End’s potential and contribute to the ongoing architectural excellence in one of the greatest cities in the world.”

Mark Williams, Director of Destination at Heart of London Business Alliance

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