Architects Stories from Aleppo

20 June 2020

14:00 -15:30

A live talk with architects and architectural photographer from Aleppo trying to find the power to rebuild their city.
By Screening a short films made by them, they will be sharing their stories and sending a message of human resilience about beauty and hope, for peace and reconstruction.

A special guest, Salah Haj Ismail who is a former professor in Aleppo university. Salah will be chairing the talk, presenting a short study he published with title: "The rich Aleppo heritage of reconstruction: lessons of history for future recovery", to raise the hopes of these young architects that the reconstruction will be done by them.

The talk will be Hosted by Architect Muhammad Achour, a former teaching assistant at the school of architecture, Aleppo University. Director of Places of ARcture which is a group of Artists, Architects and Educators advocating for engaging art and architecture within the youth in local communities and refugees' camps.

The talk will be live streaming through the company YouTube Channel, and managed by Pro Zoom live meeting room. Questions through Youtube comments will be answered during the Q&A session.

The talk participants:
Architects: Dania Alshelhawi and Raneem Muhammad join from Aleppo, Syria.
Architect: Dania Hamwi join from Kuala lumpur, Malaysia
Architectural Photographer: Georges Moubayed join from Aleppo, Syria.
Assoc.Prof: Salah Haj Ismail join form Ankara, Turkey.
Architect: Muhammad Achour host and join form Dublin, Ireland.

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Image: Photographer: Georges Moubayed

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