Drawing Masterclass with Anna Gibb

13 June 2020

10.30 -11.30

It’s 2050 and you’re walking around the City of London, what do you see? Who has the power? Are we surrounded by robots and drones? Can we emerge from these uncertain times to create a bright future for us, and our environment? Join me to think about all of these, and more, whilst I guide you through the making of a drawing to express your ideas, and tell a story. Your creativity need only be constrained by the sharpness of your pencil, and your wit.

Some suggestions of things you could bring:
pens/pencils/paints etc
a picture of a London landmark that you’d like to augment to show your idea
some thoughts around the following:
Climate crisis?
Lasting impact of the global pandemic?
Digital and technical revolution?
How might architecture change?
Transport, how will we move around?
Where and how will we work?
What will we do for fun?