Facing the Unknown

05 June 2020

17:00 -18:00

How is Corona Virus going to affect and reshape the cities we live in?

Facing a global Pandemic, governments are confronting a scenario where radical and unthinkable ideas are suddenly plausible and necessary, informing temporary and permanent action and policies.

The international response to Covid-19 has been notably different, showing little multilateral coordinated action, and questioning the vulnerability of countries and cities. Differing national responses are partly based on political ideologies, but also on their economic, social and political realities.

The panel will discuss from an international perspective how shifts in public policy, working in tandem with community action, can have the potential to shape the built environment response to the pandemic.


Prof Andrés Velasco - Dean of the School of Public Policy, LSE & Former Finance Minister, Chile
Helena Monteiro - Urban Resilience Specialist, previously Associate director at 100 Resilient Cities
Liane Hartley - Director, Mend & GLA Infrastructure Advisory Panel Member

Chaired by Emma Peters - Director, Inner Circle Consulting