Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation – ACAN

13 June - 30 June

"Decarbonize now, ecological regeneration and cultural transformation. We seek urgent systemic change that addresses root causes to radically transform the profession."


‘Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation’ is an annual collaboration between London Festival of Architecture and the Design Museum, highlighting work by an emerging generation of voices in architecture who are expanding the parameters of what architecture can be, who London is for and what its future holds.

Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN) is a network of individuals taking action to combat twin crises of climate and ecological breakdown

ACAN were nominated by MATT+FIONA, an architecture education organisation and practice that enables the youngest and most vulnerable in society to directly shape (brief, design and build) the spaces they live, work and play.

"Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN) demonstrate huge foresight in recognising two fundamentals: That climate and ecological breakdown is the greatest threat to humanity and the planet as we know it, and that collective effort is the only way we can face these challenges. We are proud to nominate them."

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