Space in-between – round table

19 June 2020

17:00 -18:00

This is an open round table event, that follows up on the interactive exhibition Space in-between, that results from and builds on a one-year residency in Zürich in 2019.

In Switzerland it is mandatory to inform citizens about building plans and actively involve them in the planning process. To this purpose, life-size architectural models, i.e. simulations of the proposed construction, are placed on the site where the building is planned.

Although these simulations represent the future, they have a material presence that makes the prospective transformation tangible within the present. Nonetheless, such models are necessarily also abstractions, fragmentary representations that depict only one particular aspect of a future building. As such, they rely on our imagination and our specific physical experience to complete the picture. This generates a more ambiguous and subjective space of potentiality in the borderlands between present and future.

In the exhibition we will present a variety of different formats, such as video, drawings and collages that we used to examine this ‘space in-between’ and question how the fine balance between abstraction and detail – demonstration and imagination – frames the range of interpretations and either limits or facilitates a room for dialogue.

Through experimental architectural interventions rotative studio aims to open up and research imaginative spaces that include citizens in transformation processes of the built environment and public space. rotative studio is founded by architects Alexandra Sonnemans and Caterina Viguera, based respectively in Rotterdam and Zürich.


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Image: rotative studio

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