This Space is Ours

30 June - 31 July

This Space is Ours

Power is the ability to influence the behaviour of others or the course of events. Knowledge is the ability to impact the belief of power, however it is not vital to gain it. Knowledge must be acquired to gain and maintain power.

On a global scale, women are faced with boundaries often constructed by and through cultures. Sometimes, these boundaries hinder their growth and hence, limit their power.

As Muslim women, we would like to create a safe space to share our narratives. 'This Space is Ours' is a much needed space for the community of female Muslims and their spatial experiences. It will be a platform which allows these women to voice their personal struggles and challenges. Ultimately, through this process we begin to make a record of these narratives and take control of the discussion, as a collective.

What cultural implications failed the growth of these women? How did they overcome these difficulties? Where did they get their support and how can architects impact the social fabric through interventions which provide alternative experiences and relationships between a woman and her city?
What makes them unsafe? What are the influences of gender on them? How can we design better physical and virtual spaces for Muslim women?

The 3 Methods:

- RESEARCH through readings/podcasts/films etc.
- PROCESS through questions and sketches,
- DISCUSS through Majalis (discussion forums)

The Majlis is one of the series of online events which we would like to engage with the audience as part of the digital LFA.
Just like a traditional Majlis, Our Majalis (plural of Majlis*) will take place once a week and on a Friday. They are a method of exploring our space.
We will virtually come together to discuss different topics and themes every week. Discussion topics will be announced at the end of every Majlis.

The discussion will remain open for the public to engage in. Muslim women will be invited to share their narratives through a range of visual representations.

Organiser Info

Image: Muslim Women in Architecture

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