Above and beneath – stepping where others have trod

Every step we take, we hit the ground underfoot, but we have altered what is underfoot in so many ways. We explore the human impact on the environment and how we have shaped urban topographies, and in turn how they have shaped us, modified our behaviours and the patterns of our movement.

London Bridge provided the only crossing of the Thames for centuries, and the roads that connected to it were always busy with traffic. As a riverside area it was paved in the 1600s, and on this walkshop you will be exploring the significance of the paving’s history all the way back to the 1600s to evidence of the history from yesterday. We will explore the stones themselves, the river gravels on which they were laid, the cracks in them, the litter on top, the chewing gum tarred into them and finally the pebbles and the dirt.

Join the Museum of Walking in a series of walks entitled Letters and Postcards from London Bridge, where we will discover an area steeped in history and undergoing rapid change. Sharing knowledge as we walk, we will invite you to write a letter or a post card from London Bridge. High-lights of participant’s experiences will be pulled together into a limited-edition Chapbook.

Letters and Postcards from London Bridge is commissioned by Team London Bridge.

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27 June 2019

18:00 -19:30

Admission: FREE

More Info: www.teamlondonbridge.co.uk/events/2019/6/27/walkshop-above-and-beneath-stepping-where-others-have-trod

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Southwark Cathedral Refectory

Montague Cl, London SE1 9DA

Outside Southwark Cathedral Refectory