Architecture, Infrastructure and Identity

The identity of a city is as much derived from its infrastructure as its buildings. Infrastructure weaves together the components of our everyday lives, and reactions and feelings emerge not just from how we use/interact with it, but also its character and quality - how it feels, smells, sounds and operates, as well as how it looks.

However, only a small proportion of architects are currently engaged in the design of infrastructure. It is true to say that procurement and project management habits can, on occasion, inhibit the creative thinking on the quality and character of infrastructure and create barriers to participation for architects - but is this the only reason?

Architects and designers are uniquely equipped to finesse the integration of infrastructure assets into our urban and rural environments, creating beautiful objects, spaces and places, from the micro to the macro levels – but only with early stage involvement where design thinking can support both quality and affordability and be treated as a key consideration.

This panel discussion, hosted by experts from across the architecture and infrastructure worlds, will examine this key issue and identify how to move our industry forward in ensuring infrastructure can benefit from design that is both functional and innovative.

- Jennifer Dixon, AECOM
- Simon Smithson – RSH+P
- Clare Donnelly – Fereday Pollard
- Ed McCann – Useful Simple Trust / Expedition Engineering




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June 20, 2018

18:30 - 21:00

Admission: FREE



AECOM London office

AECOM Aldgate Tower 2 Leman Street London E1 8FA

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Event will be held on the 16th floor