Bestriding Borders: An evening of talks by John Allan and Magnus Englund at the Isokon Gallery and 2 Willow Road

These talks in historically ground-breaking settings will celebrate some of the key architects and designers to arrive in North London from abroad in the 1930s who enriched our vision through the cultures they brought with them. Including architects such as Lubetkin, Goldfinger, Coates and Arup, and designers Adams, Breuer, Moholy and Slutzky, we will focus on the elements of their native culture or training that were transposed into their work in England and became culturally combined.

27 June 2019

18:30 -21:30

Admission: £15 (includes glass of wine)


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The Isokon Gallery

Lawn Road, Hampstead NW3 2XD and 2 Willow Road, Hampstead NW3 1TH NW3 2XD

The evening starts at the Isokon Gallery and finishes at 2 Willow Road.