Beyond Borders

Unknown Works have created an immersive audio / spatial experience that builds on this years LFA theme of Boundaries: Beyond Borders uses a suspended field of speakers to create an instrument for transnational communication and audio experimentation.

Unknown Works are working with artists, architects and conversationalists to make a series of unique field recordings and pieces of dialogue that bring the sounds of territories from around the world into one unified immersive experience. The sonic landscape created will also play host to a number of live performances from artists within the music industry specifically tasked to engage with the audio / spatial platform and the LFA brief itself.

The act of listening through boundaries shows that they can be overcome, be transcended through communication.

We are fascinated by the shape of cities, what makes them tick, collective experience and the gathering spaces that foster and facilitate communication. We want to listen to cities and to their people. The questions asked to the world are focused on the changing nature of gathering spaces and boundaries in our ever densified cities. Visitors can travel the world through a new borderless territory and we ignore both artificial and natural boundaries that exist between us.

01 June - 30 June

10:00 -17:45

Admission: FREE

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Image: Image by Unknown Works


Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum Cromwell Road London SW7 2RL