Boundary Landscapes

Offering the opportunity for international exchange, this conference aims to share research paths, case studies and institutional initiatives about architectural, city and landscape issues relating to the concept of 'boundary' as a place of separation between different situations, where complex and contradictory aspects are determined by various physical, normative, functional conditions, and so forth. The idea of ​​'boundary' as a meeting place, positive or negative, as a space which can be conceived in its inclusive and plural identity terms, turns into an interesting catalyst for creating new forms of landscape imagination, to generate innovative places able to understand the idea of a 'weak and widespread' architecture (Branzi 2006), where the concept of weakness indicates a creative act based on the modification and knowledge of natural and reversible processes. In addition, the conference aims to collect experiences derived from both theoretical and applicative developments of inclusive design, where the transformation processes of places can generate open architectural systems, with a flexible filter-function, able to adapt to the logic of collaboration and sharing of material and intangible goods.

14 June 2019

19:00 -21:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Olivia Longo


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