Geographical Child’s Play Bricklab: Abdulrahman & Turki Gazzaz

Bricklab, the designers of the first Saudi pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale create a new pop-up sculpture especially for Shubbak. 22 brightly coloured units equalling in number the 22 states of the Arab League are arranged in different constellations to offer new viewpoints of geographies, nations and the power to imagine other realities. No unit can stand on its own, but has to be grafted onto others. Some constellations seem hierarchical, others more egalitarian. Geographical Child’s Play conjures up poignant and surprising alignments and dependencies. Stretching nearly 10m as a line or barely 3m as a circle, Geographical Child’s Play is Bricklab’s most public and engaging sculpture so far.

The bright colours and low level hint at nursery furniture or playground equipment. It is an invitation to imagine geopolitics through the lens of play and a deliberately naïve hope.

Established in Jeddah in 2015 Bricklab (Abdulrahman & Turki Gazzaz) quickly established itself as one of the most dynamic current design practices in Saudi Arabia. Their work has been shown at 21,39 Saudi Art Week, Alserkal Avenue in Dubai and Venice Architecture Biennale. In 2018 they took part in the British Council and V&A International Designers Workshop.

Produced by Will Sandy. The commission of Bricklab has been generously supported by the British Council and individual donors Sara Ali Reza and Faisal Tamer.

Sun 30 June
12 pm - 7pm
The British Library Piazza

30 June 2019

12:00 -19:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Abdulrahman & Turki Gazzaz


The British Library Piazza, British Museum

The British Library 96 Euston Road, NW1 2DB British Museum Great Russel Street, WC1B 3DG NW1 2DB

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