BRUTAL – The Battle to Save Sirius

In 2016, the New South Wales government ignored advice from its own Heritage Council and refused calls to heritage list Sirius, the iconic Brutalist building overlooking the Harbour in Sydney’s historic Rocks precinct. Designed in 1979 by Tao Gofers, it was the last and arguably most successful of Australia’s experiments with high-rise public housing.
With its former tenants having been moved on and a sale of the site imminent so the government can achieve its real aim of demolition, the Save Our Sirius Foundation was formed.
One of its members is comedian, writer, television presenter and self-described ‘design nerd’ Tim Ross. In this talk, Tim shares the fascinating story of this much loved building, the loss it would represent to Australia’s legacy of forward-thinking design and the spirited battle to save it.

26 June 2019

19:00 -20:30

Admission: £15.00

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