Café ODYSSEY: Daap-Toi

26 June 2022

10:00 -13:00

On the last weekend of June, Café ODYSSEY proudly presents its very first virtual social event with a reviving and entertaining city exploration programme line-up, within an itinerary of physical public spaces designed by the local neighbours. To where? Know it on the day!

In times of global pandemic, we understand how frustrating it is for artists and designers to collaborate with out-of-towners and connect to a new neighborhood. With that said, Café ODYSSEY is taking you to a virtual traveling event – “Daap-Toi” – in hopes to reignite the forgotten feeling of excitement that you get when you reach an unknown destination. Meanwhile, we are inviting you to transform your experience on the day into an artwork, which will be exhibited during Macau Design Week in August 2022!

On the both days of 25th and 26th June, you will have 1 hour to team up with art and design practitioners in Macau and enjoy the city exploration activities designed by the local communities in Macau. While your teammate in Macau will be physically traveling within the neighbourhood, you will stay with them virtually, together, solve out the quest hidden in the city and complete your team mission. The event will be hosted in both English and Cantonese. Pick up the ideal time slot in below and let’s do the “Daap-Toi” together!

25th June 2022: 10:00-11:00; 11:00-12:00; or 12:00-13:00 BST
26th June 2022: 10:00-11:00; 11:00-12:00; or 12:00-13:00 BST

Café ODYSSEY: Daap-Toi is a cross-city creative intervention between London and Macau to explore the extent to which gamification and storytelling can help to improve local public spaces. By empowering the public to learn from international and local advocates in their everyday lives, not only do we want to promote the concept of “placemaking” and better preservation of the undervalued resources in the city, but also to share the stories from different communities.



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