Café ODYSSEY, Peckham Rye, is a critical intervention that takes the form of a pop-up coffee shop. This is a café with a difference. The coffee is free, however, coffee drinkers get a specially designed receipt, a map, which shows different trails, shops and organisations that all, in one way or another, contribute to the contested narrative of gentrification in the area.

The goal of the project is to highlight local identity and celebrate its rich diversity. People who take the trail can discover hidden gems, local places, people, businesses and organisations which shape Peckham’s cultural identity. The project aims to promote social cohesion and place attachment to counteract the alienating effects of gentrification. There are different points along the trails where participants can encounter and build relationships with the local communities, social enterprises, galleries, artists and residents.

The project is a collaboration with a Peckham-based initiative, Pempeople.

Café ODYSSEY offers a very different experience from TripAdvisor. Please feel free to join us to celebrate the local diverse cultures by grabbing a free coffee at Café ODYSSEY and start your bespoke journey in Peckham co-designed among trusted locals.


June 29, 2018 - June 30, 2018

12:00 - 15:00

Admission: FREE

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TenPoint5ive Gallery

Floor 5, Peckham Levels 95A Rye Ln Peckham SE15 4TG


Floor 5, Peckham Levels