Caring for the City: Connecting Through Gaming

07 June - 20 June

6:00 -23:00

‘Caring for the City’ aims to engage all sections of society, to improve understanding of how the built environment is shaped and how we can use the digital world to do the right things for our cities.

This immersive experience consists of a series of digital illustrations and games to reflect on 4 key aspects of city-making: Digital Innovation; Resilience and Sustainability; Movement and Transportation; Social Value and Community Wellbeing.

Users will be able to explore, engage and leave their mark on our very own digital city, incorporating online games to reflect on the issues and opportunities within the cities of today, including treasure hunts, drag-and-drop city compositions and virtual card games.

When opening Mural we recommend visitors to use Google Chrome, enable pop-ups in their browsers and allow a few seconds for Mural to load each page everytime one starts a game (or even the homepage).



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