Caring for the City: Public Realm 2.0

17 June 2021

15:30 -17:00

‘Public Realm’ in its traditional physical definition has recently been challenged by our inability to come together face-to-face to play, listen to music, dine, work, chat… and most importantly our inability to encounter and exchange views with a diversity of people in a serendipitous, un-scheduled way.

What will future public realm look like? How will its contemporary digital and traditional built form characteristics blend? Will the new norm be able to promote inclusion and diversity of opinions?

In parallel to our ‘Connecting Through Gaming’ initiative, Jacobs is exploring the topic of ‘Caring for the City’, in this webinar Jacobs Carlo Castelli will reflect with a panel of experts and thought leaders on the future nature of public space. Exploring how digital and physical dimensions can successfully come together to create inspirational post-pandemic public realm and thriving cities.

Carlo Castelli – Head of Cities Solutions, Jacobs (Chair)
Sherry Dobbin – Partner/Managing & Cultural Director, FutureCity
Hanna Thomas Uose – Principal Consultant, Align
Annette Jezierska – CEO & Co-Founder, The Future Fox


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