Collage Common

11 June 2023

14:00 -16:00

Join us for a unique collage workshop in London that invites participants to explore the theme of 'In Common' while considering the built environment's not-so-common aspects. Our creative exercises and facilitated discussions will explore how architecture can unite people or create division and exclusion, leading to more inclusive and equitable spaces for all. Using diverse materials and techniques, we will experiment with composition, texture, and colour to express ideas and emotions related to these themes. Through the art of storytelling in collage, we will explore how the arrangement of images can convey powerful narratives and encourage dialogue about what makes us different as Londoners. This workshop aims to foster understanding and empathy for one another and celebrate our diversity. Prior experience is optional, and all materials will be provided; however, we encourage participants to bring materials such as old magazines if possible. Join us for this inspiring opportunity to think critically about how we can create a more inclusive and connected community through architecture and design.

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Architecture Candy

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Image: Ananya Agarwalla


Expressway London,

Expressway London, 1 Dock Rd, London E16 1AH
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