Connecting and Collecting

25 June 2020

17:00 -18:30

Public libraries are much more than knowledge providers; they’ve become platforms for creating and sharing, places for meaningful connections. How can the design process encourage community involvement, build a sense of belonging for its users and promote civic engagement?

Thursday, 25 June, 5 pm BST, the Romanian Cultural Institute in London (RCI) will host a panel discussion chaired by Francesca Perry ( Founder, Thinking City) about the role of the public library in empowering communities.
The guest contributors - Fiona MacDonald (Matt + Fiona, London) and Alex Axinte (studioBASAR, Bucharest) - will present successful examples of participatory design, highlighting the power of collaboration and addressing the challenges the future might bring.
The panel will include a presentation by Viorica Buica, Anca Mihalache, Anastasia Stan and Alex Axinte about the project “Library on Stage”, aiming to transform the library room at RCI London into a community cultural hub, with a focus on young audiences.


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Image: Mapping City School, Alex Axinte, 2019

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