Deptford, from boundaries to potentials | Exhibition

The exhibition presents new-thinking strategies for the public realm in Deptford to support the former Royal Navy Yard neighbourhood become a viable place. The projects which are created by the postgraduate students of Urban Design at the University of Westminster target ‘boundaries’ while benefitting from the neighbourhoods’ various qualities to stitch material and immaterial divides.

The projects explore physical and mental boundaries between the familiar Deptford and the newly gentrified areas, between the traditional high street economy and online shopping, and between the communities’ aims and the planning policies. The projects imply new connections both physical and mental between old and new areas, social groups and cultures, and integrate the waterfront and Deptford Creek improving bonds and legibility and merging flowing and static spaces. How can a new strategy bring together the former Royal Navy Yard's history and the present identity with its pulsing creative energy? How can the strategy capitalise on existing nature in Deptford to benefit the broad ecosystem, and on the communities’ aspirations to support a more liveable and sustainable London place?

12 June - 28 June

10:00 -18:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Roudaina Alkhani, 2019


University of Westminster

35 Marylebone Road NW1 5LS

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