Exquisite Corpse for the Stay At Home Surrealists

20 June - 21 June

13:00 -22:00

1. This is an invite to a virtual living room, where we play a game of Exquisite Corpse. It is one enormous, collaborative drawing that strings together our thoughts from everyplace to arrive at an amusing composite story.

2. During this game, each artist/child/architect takes a turn to upload their drawing in the provided canvas. The topic is ‘Sustainable Living’, the drawn thought is up to you. Your section will be concealed and passed on to the next player.

3. We await the moment of truth when these randomly conceived compositions are unveiled in all its nonsensical glory. Sometimes playful, usually grotesque, and always provoking, we hope this surreal fiction will reflect upon Covid-19 and re-imagine possible acts toward sustainable living.

All submissions will be exhibited in our virtual gallery until the end of LFA Digital Festival 2020.

Register to receive link to the virtual living room and help us understand how big we should model this digital room.


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Image: Local Collective

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