Hassell Studio Lates

17 June 2022

17:00 -20:00

Hassell invites you into our newly relocated studio at Hoxton where the old Underwood Street paper factory is the backdrop to our highly collaborative design process. Our studio will be alive with our global space architects, a small but highly specialised team of designers and architects who deeply understand the technical know-how of designing in extreme and interplanetary environments, such as Lower Earth Orbit, Deep Space, Moon and Mars. Designing in space is not just about staying alive but about thriving in that environment.

Come and join us for a drink and a chat between 5 to 8 pm on Friday 17 June. We look forward to telling you more!




Website: www.hassellstudio.com
Twitter: @hassell_twitter
Instagram: @hassell_studio

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Image: Hassell


Hassell studio

Hassell studio
Level 1, 6-14 Underwood Street

N1 7JQ


At the front door, choose Hassell on the intercom drop down menu and press the bell button