House of Leave, House of Remain

This installation explores the boundaries generated by the Brexit referendum debate. Two spaces are contained inside a domed rotunda and the visitor is asked to choose which entrance and which space they occupy, 'Leave or Remain'. The two spaces are connected by two benches which begin in Leave and end in Remain, the benches twist within the structure as you sit on one end you don't know who is sat at the other. Here we hopefully can see each other as partners in the conversation, instead of opponents to be defeated. This installation is not a statement for or against Brexit, it is an attempt to establish common ground which is a first step to transcend divisions, borders and boundaries between us. Designed by Przemek Rylko.

15 June - 30 June

10:00 -18:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Przemek Rylko


UCL at Here East

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park E15 2GW


UCL at Here East